• The Magic of the Birth Chart

    Posted on January 7, 2014 by in Astrology Extra

    At the moment of birth we were imprinted with cosmic influences.

    The moment a child is born is a very important one. Until birth the fetus is kept safe in the bubble of the mother’s womb, not affected by any outer impression. As being born, at once, just like an old photo-film, the child is exposed to many and strong frequencies and influences, and just as a film, the child will continue carrying these impressions for the rest of its life.

    The impressions the child is exposed to are numerous: lights, voices, scents… but the strongest influences are actually the ones that come from far-far away and are not that obvious to sense at first. Never the less – these impressions will influence the child’s life for the rest of his or her life – their patterns of thinking, their feelings and emotions, even their destiny and much more.

    These distant influences that become the “photo” of one’s life are the cosmic frequencies – flooding constantly from our own solar system and from distant constellations.

    And if we take things a step forward I firmly believe this special moment of birth was not a chance or by accident. The soul of the child chose the exact moment in time for being born. So the actual location of the planets and constellations in the skies at the moment of one’s birth is a perfect reflection of that person’s soul, a representative to their purposes and goals, a chart, or a map, to their destiny.


    The astrological birth chart is a picture of an exact moment in time, the moment of our birth, with all the planets and constellations and their location, as they were at that very specific, special and chosen time. And it being a reflection of us can be a true guide to understanding our lives – our way of acting, our inner psychologies, our moods and waves, our life-lessons and quests, our wounds and healing, our early childhood and the path to our success.

    With some awareness to our birth-chart we can understand ourselves, our character and our likes and dislikes better. We can start to see our different modes and patterns and relate them to the celestial bodies that manifest our unique chart. We can slowly understand that much of what we use to call “ourselves” or “character” is actually our astrological chart at play.


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