• The Lovers Meet in the Skies

    Posted on August 30, 2015 by in Astrological Forecasts

    venus and marsThis week retrograding Venus meets her mythological lover – Mars – in the skies.

    The royal couple meets once a year for a few days, as Venus passes over Mars. This year the couple’s meeting is going to be longer and more special, for it begins when Venus is retrograding, and then continues as Venus goes back to her regular course. So Venus is going back and forth, not letting go of her lover so fast…

    Venus is the mythological goddess of Beauty and Harmony, and Mars – the God of War. And as said: opposites attract. So the two were famous lovers, although not married to each other, and they even had 3 children: Harmonia, their daughter, and their two sons – Phobos and Deimos. Harmonia means harmony – and this is the happy result of these two opposites meeting. But Phobos and Deimos mean fears and frights – and are the results of the unpleasant possibility of our emotions and actions colliding.

    Venus and Mars are our two closest neighbors – the planets on each side of Earth – one facing the Sun and the other – the unknown. Venus represents the feminine gender, and Mars – the masculine. Venus represents our feelings – and Mars – action. Venus brings harmony – and Mars – war.

    This year their meeting will affect us in a special way. At the beginning and until Venus ends her retrogression we’ll meet the unpleasant side of this unity, but shortly after that, from the time Venus returns to her regular course – we’ll experience the correction and we will enjoy the beautiful side of this union.

    For each one of the astrological tribes the meeting between Venus and Mars will have an effect upon a different area of life.

    In this week’s forecast we reveal how each one of the astrological tribes will be affected by this special conjunction.


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