• The Lord of Karma Meets the Dragon’s Head

    Posted on October 6, 2013 by in Astrological Forecasts

    Dragon's headA Unique Astrological Time and Special Development Opportunity for Us


    If you have noticed that these times are very special, filled with greater significance – while also providing us with some difficult challenges – you may find it useful to become acquainted with the astrological influences behind all this, and to understand more about the special possibilities that await us at this time…

    There are two interesting influences on the astrological chart that relate to a person’s previous lives and to the higher journey of a person’s soul. The first one is the planet Saturn, also called “The Lord of Karma”, which symbolizes the difficulties we face in life. These difficulties involve all those unworked out lessons from our previous lives which our soul chose to go through and work out on this journey here, in this life now, on Planet Earth…

    The second is a significant point called True Node, which is also known as “The Dragon’s Head” in some cultures, and is actually not a star or planet, but a location. It is a particular place in the skies which, when reached by Earth on its orbit around the Sun, creates an alignment between the Sun, the Moon and Earth.  This special time – or more exactly, this special alignment – is what causes eclipses to occur; solar eclipse, lunar eclipse and also additional rare occurrences of other planets eclipsing the Sun.

    The appearance of the Dragon’s Head on the astrological chart speaks of the special journey which a person chooses to go through in this lifetime, the unique challenge and way in which we choose to break through in this life. This does not speak of something that we “drag” with us from our previous life – but rather something new that we must do in this lifetime. Often there is a connection between the lessons that Saturn presents along the way (the “residues” from previous incarnations) and our soul’s higher purpose that the Dragon’s Head strives for in this life.

    Once in every 13 years, these two significant points – Saturn and the


    Dragon’s Head – meet in the skies. That time is now.

    This meeting point gives rise to significant challenges in life, challenges that are neither random not accidental – they are directly connected with the journey that our soul chooses to go through in this lifetime. This year, these two points meet in the sign of “Creation” – an astrological realm in the sky that speaks of our higher ability to create reality with our thoughts. Therefore, the lessons we need to go through are expressly connected with our ability to create our own reality, to give a genuine account of our lives and not an exaggerated one, to be constantly thinking for ourselves, and not allow ourselves be thrown off  by  another person’s ideas and opinions.

    Along with the difficulties lies the potential of a magical opportunity at this time; an opportunity that will be realized if we successfully overcome all the obstacles and challenges that come our way.

    If we manage to cross over the river of challenges that life offers, and reach a place where we are able to hold a firm view of our own, bring our ideas into expression, and form entirely new patterns of thought (for which there is a permission at this time) – then we could once and for all ‘get rid’ of those lessons and take a meaningful leap forward  in such a way that the phenomena that bothered us over and over in the past – will cease to appear in our lives, because we at last, have got the lesson!

    May it be a special and beneficial time!

    (Pictures: The Dragon Head, and Saturn cards, from the Holistic Astrological Cards by Karni Zor, illustrated by Maya Toby)


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