• The Healer and the Magician Come to Life

    Posted on March 6, 2016 by in Astrological Forecasts

    Neptune Chiron and Sun conjunctionThis week the special conjunction between the Sun, Chiron and Neptune bring forth our healing and spiritual abilities.

    Chiron is the planet of the Wounded Healer. Once a year the Sun touches Chiron  and brings to life the story of the wounded healer that lays in each one of us. This conjunction can bring to our awareness old wounds and scars from the past, but it is actually also a cosmic doorway towards healing those wounds. First they are released from our subconscious, then we  become aware of them, and then we can choose, instead of getting into a loop with them – to softly let them go.

    So if things come up – don’t resist them. See them as things that present themselves before leaving our system for good.


    The other planet involved is Neptune – which is a celestial link to muse and inspiration. This intuitive flow that washes over us now goes very well with what Chiron brings to our lives. It seems that this is the week for enhanced spiritual abilities, lots of muse and inspiration. A week for approaching things from our hearts and not from our brains. A week to reawaken our inner healer and magician…

    We might ask ourselves – so what to DO with the wellness and inspiration that are coming our way these days.

    And the answer is that DOING is from another story… stick to the feelings and states of these days, stick to floating with your inspiration without rules or grids, and leave practicalities for next week…


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