• The Great Mercury Retrograde

    Posted on December 3, 2017 by in Astrological Forecasts

    As we know, these are unique times. Once every 30 years or so Saturn is in alignment to the Center of the Galaxy, and this alignment is taking place right now.  The conjunction started in February and will last till the end of 2017. We are almost at the end of these very special months of a unique cosmic doorway opening aligning to our true vocation and higher purpose. This alignment has had two peaks, and now we are at its third and last high tide.

    Today (December 3rd) Mercury is starting its retrogression. This retrogression starts whilst Mercury is in conjunction to Saturn and to the Center and the Milky Way, and this adds a valuable note to the extraordinary alignment taking place.

    Mercury, the closest planet to the Sun and messenger of the gods in the Roman mythology was known to the Egyptians as Thoth – the god of wisdom and magic. Mercury is lord of thought and master of the word. And as we know – our reality starts with these two.

    Mercury’s retrogression lasts three weeks and will end on December 22nd. But this week is special because Mercury is “moving in reverse” in a perfect alignment to Saturn and the Center of the Milky Way.

    The first effect of this retrogression is a tough one. This is a time with many misunderstandings, problems to do with communication and all the other “goodies” we know from Mercury’s retrogrades, but this time the situation is seven times more volatile. We need to have lots of patience, understanding and care during this week in order to avoid Mercury’s traps.

    But looking at this retrogression more in depth – Mercury now challenges us with reviewing and re-thinking what till now had seemed sure and clear about our vocation. This is a time to reconsider our decisions made in the last few months, and a time for rechecking our plans thoroughly. There is a very special process that is taking place now, in which all we thought of before needs to be reconsidered. In this process some of the decisions and commitments we took will find a deeper and higher reason and will be reinforced, and other agreements might be found as not relevant anymore and will need to be changed. These might be contracts with ourselves or others that need now to be opened, checked and changed where necessary.

    Mercury’s retrogression also enables shedding thought patterns that stop us, and adopting new and enhancing thought patterns instead.

    And above all – Mercury’s retrogression during the Saturn-Center of the Galaxy alignment, allows us to put our brains aside for a little while and allow other faculties of our complex to come forth, as something else now leads us to a higher destiny.

    In addition to that – Mercury’s retrogression affects each one of the 12 astrological tribes in a different way, as you can read in your personal weekly astrological forecast.



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