• The First Week of the Year – Everything Is Possible, But Slowly…

    Posted on January 5, 2014 by in Astrological Forecasts

    We’re starting 2014 with 4 planets in the Realm of the Dolphin: The Sun, Mercury, Venus and slow Pluto. These 4 planets oppose Jupiter, who travels backwards in the Realm of Flow these days.

    This strong and powerful opposition enables us to really START the year! This configuration creates the flow of BIG changes, new beginnings and great ideas. So there’s something very active in the air, something bubbly to go with the onset of the new year. But on the other hand the planets can make us go to extremes, over-do things and exaggerate.

    So – at this time, the budding of a new year, we have to stay as grounded as possible, allowing the new beginnings and the great energy to enter our solar system from distant realms, and yet remembering to plan well and stick to our principles and values, so things won’t go to extremes and explode.

    The planets that come to assist us during this special week, with its special possibilities, are Saturn in the Realm of Creation and Neptune and Chiron in the Realm of the Waterfall – all slow, mature and heavy-weight planets, travelling in Astrological Realms that are connected to the power of our minds.

    So – what we think about will be created this year – but the slow, mature planets remind us to be responsible about what we think and what we want to create, so that in this potent-everything-is-possible time, the RIGHT things will enter our lives.

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