• The Eclipse Season

    Posted on February 11, 2017 by in Astrological Forecasts

    Wsolar eclipsee are now in a very special time in between two eclipses. On the night between February 10-11 we had a very faint lunar eclipse which was not even seen, and on February 26th there will be solar eclipse that will be seen in South Africa, South America and Antarctica.

    The time between two eclipses is a special cosmic doorway. It was a time that the Ancient Ones feared – for it had its traps, but it is also a time that with some awareness can, these days, be a special time for leaving behind the old and approaching the new.

    Solar and Lunar eclipses always go together. Twice a year there is a perfect alignment between the Sun, our Earth and the Moon. At these two times, that are always 6 months apart, there will be the “eclipse seasons” with a Solar eclipse with the new Moon, and a Lunar eclipse when the Moon is full. The times of these occurrences change – going backwards a month each year. So this year the eclipses will be in February and August, next year on January and July and so on. Sometimes, other eclipses will occur as well in the eclipse seasons – when  Venus or another planet eclipse  the Sun, or two lunar eclipses may occur in one season, but never  will an eclipse happen if  this alignment is not set.

    The “eclipse season” is a very special time astrologically speaking.  A time in which two very different and opposing influences – that of the Sun and that of the Moon – combine.

    The Sun represents our awareness, our grown-up identity and our educated choices, and the Moon represents our animal-instincts, our intuitions, fears and inner drives.

    We can start to understand why the Ancient Ones feared the eclipses – and especially the Solar eclipse – as the natural and unconscious world overshadows the known, and things might get out of control.

    But perhaps we can also recognize the special opportunity in this occasion – when the two worlds of imagination and reality, the feminine and masculine, artistry  and logic – collide. This can be a very special time of connecting between that which is seen and  that which is unseen, connecting between the genders, connecting between the right and left hemispheres and so forth.

    We are now in this special time – the time between two eclipses, and we should be aware of it, cautious, and perhaps even find ways to use these times  wisely.




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