• The Dragon’s Head and the Eclipse Season

    Posted on August 12, 2017 by in Astrological Forecasts

    We’re in a very special time, between two major eclipses –  what is the meaning of this time and what special opportunity opens for us right now?

    When one thinks of it, there are actually 3 major celestial bodies that are to be counted. With all due respect to Mars, Venus and Jupiter, the 3 major celestial bodies are: The Sun, The Moon and… Earth itself!

    In astrology the Sun and the Moon are two major symbols, opposing yet complimentary. They symbolize the conscious and subconscious, the adult and the child, the logic and the dream, the Ying and Yang and much more.

    And between these two oppositions – there’s Earth.

    The Sun is the transmitter, the Moon is the receiver, and Earth, our beautiful blue planet, is the conductor. Earth processes these two opposing powers, the electro-magnetic power of the dance between the Sun and the Moon, and the result of it is all the life upon it.

    Twice a year, for a few weeks, the Earth, the Sun and the Moon are in perfect alignment, like on a billiard table.  This is a very special time, and the astronomical result of this alignment is that during these two periods each year there will be the different eclipses. Mainly the Moon causing a solar eclipse, but sometimes more rare eclipses occur during this time, like Venus or Mercury passing over the Sun.

    The time of eclipses is occurring right now. It began with a partial moon eclipse on August 7th and will continue till the solar eclipse on August 21st.

    These alignments’ dates are known years in advance and appear in the personal astrological chart as the True and South Nodes – known in so many cultures as the Dragon’s Head and the Dragon’s Tail.

    These two major points on a person’s astrological chart tell about the soul’s journey. The Dragon’s Tail (South Node) will tell about the person’s previous lives and the karmic “luggage” they carry with them. The Dragon’s Head (the True Node) will tell about the current journey of the person’s soul, what he has to achieve, to concur, during this life time.


    What is the Special Opportunity of Development that is Open for us Right Now?

    These days, as the Sun passes through the True Node –  is another way to look at the alignment that occurs between the Moon, Earth and Sun. This passage can be explained as the passage of the Awareness (the Sun) through our life’s true destiny (the True Node).

    What happens  as well is,  that during the Moon’s eclipse, Earth – the great conductor – is right between the conscious part of our lives (the sun) and the subconscious part of our life, creating a separation between these two parts. This is also a separation between logic and intuition, past and future, the inner adult and the inner child and so on.

    The eclipse season will end when the two major celestial opposing symbols – the Sun and the Moon – will conjunct each other, while the Moon, with all its esoteric meaning, will shadow the Sun – physically and symbolically.

    This is a time when we face our greatest life challenges and lessons. At this special time we can try to avoid our regular behavior and thinking patterns and everything that has hold of us consciously and unconsciously. This is the time for breaking through our toughest obstacles.

    This is the time when we reach the edge of the “known” territory, and step into the unknown, uncharted, though most important part of our soul’s journey. This is the time to leave our past in perfect closure and advance into our yet to find destiny.


    (Picture: The True Node card from the Holistic Astrological Card deck by Karni Zor, illustrated by Maya Toby).


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