• The Distant Planets of our Solar System and Their Effect upon our Lives

    Posted on September 29, 2013 by in Astrology and Development

    How the Planets Effect our lives – A Short Guide

    Astrology is about being in touch with the celestial bodies.

    We are connected to the planets and stars that surround us, and are actually a part of them.

    The deepest and closest connection we have is to the planets of our own solar system. Each planet represents another territory in our lives, another part of the spectrum of living, of the parts that compose us.

    In our solar system we can find two sets of planets – the first set is of the “quick” planets, the ones close to the sun, that move in a fast course. These are also called the “Personal Planets” because looking at one’s chart they compose the person’s personality. These are Mercury, Venus and Mars. In this set of “Personal Planets” usually astrologers also include the Sun and the Moon, though both are not planets at all!

    The other set of planets is of the ones further away. The ones that slowly travel around the Sun with a wide orbit. The fastest of them, Jupiter, takes 12-13 year to complete a cycle around the Sun. It shifts from one astrological realm to another only once a year. The slowest of them, being the furthest from the Sun, is Pluto – its orbit around the Sun completes only after 240 years (measured by our time). It’s visit to each astrological realm (out of the 12) would take about 20 years!

    This set of planets would be the one that affect our lives. These are the planets that are responsible for the unfolding future and the major shifts in both our personal lives, as well as general world-wide occurrences.


    A vast part of astrology is forecast. And that means that the planet’s and star’s movement in the sky resonates with our birth chart and affect it, and us…

    Each one of the slower planets is responsible for special occurrences in one’s life, helping to unfold the person’s potential.

    One should actually take a specific look at their own chart in order to truly understand the planet’s affect upon ones chart, but here is a short description of the affects the different slow planets have upon lives –


    Jupiter – planet of success and expansion –  Its location will show the area in which we have luck, the territory in life where we can grow smoothly. It changes its location in our chart every year, and during that year the certain area or subject in our life, whether it be love, work, money etc. – would be very bright.

    Saturn – lord of Karma – will show us the area in which we have most difficulties. Its duty is to make us deal with our karma and soul’s lessons. It will affect every territory of our lives for 2.5 years – and then will pass to the next realm.

    Uranus – planet of revolutions – will affect each territory of our life for 7 years! During that time Uranus will shake that area of life, evoke revolution and changes that are meant to shed off what is not relevant and make us more precise to our true essence – but this journey might not be easy at all!

    Neptune – planet of inspiration and intuition – will affect every realm of our life for 14 years. During this very long period of time it will teach us to be more natural and intuitive in the specific area (family, work, health etc.). Its message is to trust the unseen and follow our intuition and inner guidance, but until we learn that we may experience a lot of confusion and vagueness…

    Pluto – Planet of complete transformation – will visit every area of our lives for 20 years (!). During this long and special time that certain part of our life will go through a special, thought not easy, path of complete transformation.


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