• The Creative Triangle

    Posted on September 27, 2014 by in Astrological Forecasts

    After a long time of disharmonious positions of the planets, the skies are now opening before us a very positive doorway consisting of a harmonious triangle made up of Uranus, Jupiter and Mars.

    Uranus is all about creativity and originality, Mars enables Uranus originality to have an actual outcome and Jupiter enhances everything and makes sure our creativity gives us the best results.

    To add to this unique time of creativity, the Sun is also opposing Uranus these days – making it a rare and unique window of opportunity to do our original and unique things and to take our originality out into the world.

    The skies do not want us to be ordinary or mediocre these days – it’s time to shine like a diamond and show the world what we’re all about.

    For those who have something original that they want to deliver to the world – this is a great time to actually do so, as Jupiter promises much success and brings together special coincidences that allow doors to open easily.


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