• The Consistent World of Capricorn People

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    CapricornElement: earth

    Cardinal sign

    Numerology: 10

    Rulers: Saturn

    If you are Capricorn and you are reading these words it means you have already done a development process in your life! People of Capricorn, mostly, do not deal with things associated with spirituality and awareness. They are practical people and prefer to focus on hard work and worldly things.



    In the astrological map and in nature (in the north hemisphere) Capricorn is the first sign of the winter. It is not a time of blossom and flowering, but a time in which what can be seen, in trees for example, are the solid most physical parts; the ones that does not change, or that their changing is very slow. It is a time of contraction and focusing on the things that matters the most.

    Another line that accompanies Capricorn in the astrological map is the “Maturation line” – Mid Heaven. This line signifies the time in which a youth become an adult, a process done with great attunement to focus on who and what he or she is; they shed off everything which is not relevant to their life and turn into the winter of their life, from now on they will focus on what they chose to be the important things.

    The people of Capricorn are known by their ability to persist. They are most loyal, committed to their work and do not like changes. When Capricorns set themselves a goal they can spend many years, in winter and in snow, in order to achieve that goal. And the truth is, they really enjoy it… routine does well with them and consistency give them a sense of progression. Each encounter with something new is slow and not easy, and surprises are a disaster for them. So if you are planning a birthday party for your dear Capricorn – it better not be a surprise party, but rather something you have meticulously and thoroughly planned together with him. Capricorns are known to begin their lives looking and feeling like “little adults” and become young and light as the years go by!

    If you have a Capricorn child it is advisable that you persist in explaining slowly every new thing, every new move, even a small stepping out of routine. Remember they have to hear all the details from you, over and over again in order to get a sense of security.

    How does the month of Capricorn influence us?

    In the month of Capricorn we all feel a little more stable and serious. The planet that affect us in this month is Saturn. This planet also rules Sabbath (Saturday) – which is a day “without movement”. This planet is associated with restrictions and difficulties, stability and slow construction of new behavior patterns. In life it creates a feeling of heaviness and slowness, each sign has a different reaction to this heaviness. It is not a month for adventures or dramatic changes, but rather a month for investing more time and energy in work, persistency in every area of life and getting into deeper commitments. It is a serious and level-headed month. This month is a good time for a close examination of our behavior patterns, especially the ones that has to do with commitments, stability and our relation to our work. It is a time to shed off everything we collected that is not relevant anymore and focus on the primary and essential things of our life.


    (Picture: Capricorn Card from the Holistic Astrological Card deck by Karni Zor, illustrated by Maya Toby)


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