• The Bright Side of the Astrological Picture

    Posted on November 27, 2016 by in Astrological Forecasts

    Fires, earth quakes, crazy politics – it seems like the end of the world out there, and it is all written in the skies…  A few weeks ago I wrote and warned about the difficult skies and the astrological configurations that had just started and will stay  with us till May 2017 (you can read more about it clicking here)

    But today we are going to leave all the bad stuff behind and focus on the positive opportunity that this same astrological configuration presents to us. For it is exactly the same celestial shape that causes all the mayhem – that is also the one that can  bring us wonderful creativity and positive change, if we know how to work with it.

    So – this is the astrological T-Square that is created these days in the skies. Uranus, Earth and Jupiter are creating a perfect alignment, and Pluto is creating 90 degrees with the two distant planets.

    astrological t square

    This configuration is called a T-Square.  I will not go into all the details, but you can actually see that as it is seen from Earth the three planets are creating an upside-down T shape. Although this shape would look to us like a triangle, astrologers actually see in it a half of a square. And since the round astrology does not get along with square –  this shape is considered disharmonious.

    Actually Pluto is the most troubling element in this configuration, really “cutting off” Uranus and Jupiter (again – all terms are astrological speaking, for in the actual skies all planets are a few good light minutes away from each other, and do not enter each other’s course…)  I have written in length about the difficulties  Pluto presents. (click here to read again).

    But the astrological opposition between Uranus and Jupiter is not really all bad. In astrology, oppositions are when two planets are exactly on the two opposing sides of Earth,  creating an alignment in the skies and 180 degrees in the chart. And this is considered a very powerful aspect.

    An opposition is a source of great power that can go both ways – for a   positive or negative result, just as  tension and conductivity are created between  two electrical poles of plus and minus. If this polarity can be tamed, as in a battery for example, it can create great things, releasing tremendous amounts of power for our use.. But if the plus and minus polarities are not contained – they can also create a blast.

    In that same fashion the opposition between Uranus and Jupiter, with Earth exactly in the middle, can be a good thing if we know what to do with it, or a bad thing – if we allow it to explode.

    The bad side of this polarity involves the negative features of each celestial body, and the positive side has to do with the best things these two planets represent.

    Last time I wrote all about the bad side of this polarity – with Uranus being a source of shocks and destruction and Jupiter escalating everything into an extreme.

    This week – let’s  take a look at the positive side of this opposition.

    Uranus, in  Greek mythology –  was the primal creator. It is the planet Uranus that represents original and unique thinking and is responsible for the birth of new things. As the ruler of classical Aquarius it talks about people finding their true vocation and the original thing they came here to Earth to do.

    Jupiter is the planet of good fortune (on its good day), the planet that helps  things not only grow and expand – but also go out into the world in the most successful way.

    So if we focus on the good side of the astrological chart we can see that these times hold in them great opportunities to be more creative, to find our originality and to take out into the world in the most successful way that which we create.

    This astrological influence is going to be around for a while – till May. So during this time we need to make sure we do not go toward the destructive side of things, not giving in to the astrological harmful side of things. Mainly we need to avoid Pluto’s influence – which pushes us to go to extremes.

    If we make sure we are doing things in a safe, organic and responsible way we can actually tame the tremendous power generated between Uranus and Jupiter and use it for being very creative and taking our original message out into the world in the most successful way.


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