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    When we look at the skies we see a fascinating view of thousands of stars shining, distant galaxies radiating upon us vividly and bright. Each star has its special radiation and effect upon us.

    The ancient ones believed that their ancestors and teachers, when passing away, became stars in the skies – shining the way for us with the wisdom they had collected.

    The ancient ones also looked at the skies and saw in them clusters of stars, groups of different wisdoms that are joined together and point out for us further counseling and connections.

    They saw the constellation of the Pleiades shining softly and joyfully, Orion the giant radiating strength,  Cassiopeia which holds  wisdom and time, and on so forth.

    Amongst the different and wonderful star-constellations, 12 are outstanding. They are special because they are located exactly above the Earth’s equator, and in this location they are also in perfect alignment with our solar-system’s planets’ course of movement and with the plain of our galaxy – the Milky Way.

    These 12 constellations create 12 gates from which our blue planet can receive distant galactic radiations and from them can transmit back to the universe whatever good things are collected and crystallized here on earth.

    The ancient ones called these 12 constellations by different names, and together they are the astrological Zodiac.

    The names the ancient ones gave the astrological constellations held their true nature and character, as in ancient times people would connect naturally to the frequencies of the stars.


    Today, when we try to reconnect the constellations and find out about their true nature we need to take into account that learning astrology in formal ways cannot always take us where we want to go.

    The words “Aries” or Taurus” do not hold the same potency that they had when the Egyptians named these constellations. A lot of the ancient wisdom is now lost to us. Some of the learning that passed from teacher to pupil during many, many decades past,  is now either lacking or even distorted. And more than that – while time passed the stars and constellation themselves have gone through changes and evolution, so what was perceived in ancient times may not be relevant or updated to our times.

    So – searching for the true essence of the 12 Zodiac’s constellation will have to involve a lot of learning, checking, researching the natural connections to the constellations’ frequencies. We will have to match together pieces of an ancient puzzle and bring into it, as well,  a few pieces that are recent that may change the whole picture.  What we are looking for is not written in any book yet – since we are looking for what is updated in the skies.

    When I started tracking the New Astrology I made a small revolution – I gave the astrological signs new names!

    But actually the revolution begins a step before that,  as I talk about Astrological Realms (and not signs).

    What we’re looking at are 12 sections of the skies that hold 12 possibilities for human kind. We are not talking about 12 set and fixed characters of people at all – so the word “signs” do not suit any more.

    People who were born when the Sun visited a certain Astrological Realm, as I see it, are not subject to certain features or likes and dislikes (as regular astrology suggests today).

    Being born into a certain Astrological Realm makes you a part of an Astrological Clan, inclined to specific radiation coming from this specific Astrological Realm onto Earth.


    Each Astrological Clan holds a certain path for development in order to add something to the Realm they have originated from. But the idea is not only to work through the possibilities of your astrological Tribe, but also to know that each tribe is one twelfth of a much larger picture, and only together can we facilitate the whole spectrum of radiation wanting to enter our world from the distant universe.

    So – after establishing the idea of 12 Astrological Realms and 12 Astrological Clans, I gave these 12 constellations brand new names.

    The main aim of the new names was to start detaching what is commonly called “astrology” from the new astrology, opening a place for new knowledge and connection. The new names attempt to capture the essence, possibility and developmental path of each Astrological Realm and Tribe.


    You will be able to read more soon about each astrological realm and tribe on this site, and you can register to receive the new articles, as they appear.


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