• The Astrological Realm of The Gate

    Posted on December 3, 2016 by in A New Astrology, New Astrological Realms

    Karni Zor's Gate astrological card(Picture from Karni Zor’s astrological cards – the Gate card)

    This month and till mid December, the Sun is travelling in the Astrological Realm of the Gate, and gives us all the opportunity to learn the important lesson this part of the skies is here to teach us…

    The pathway of the Gate teaches us how to complete our missions and how to feel satisfied with achieving our goals. After seeking for the gateway to higher realms – at this pathway we learn to find it and to realize that our whole journey has come to a completion.

    When we achieve our goals we can also look back at the journey and see how one step led to the other, and that actually we were in something very whole and coherent. The last piece of the puzzle – makes our whole journey one complete unit, that from this higher perspective we can now understand. Just as in our life in many cases, looking at things from retrospect we understand the unbelievable weave of things – one thing leading to another till there is a completion.

    So the pathway of the Gate teaches us of completion and looking at the whole bar of the octave as one, but actually its secret is that there is no such thing as completion. When we finish one octave of notes – these is the other one, when we find one gate we start to search for the other –

    So this pathway is also about not stopping our journey of development when we think our mission is complete – because every time we complete omething it actually means there is a higher octave out there for us to proceed to.

    We can see it everywhere in our lives – we dream to find our true love and fall in love, but then when we do we realize it is the beginning of another journey called “relationship”. We dream of getting married, and then when we achieve it we realize the wedding was just a starting point for a whole lifetime of development. Pregnant women look at giving birth as the most expected high point, but as mothers definitely know – giving birth is a starting point for a long journey of parenthood. We can see this process while  trying to apply to the studies we dream of, searching for the job we want – and so many other things. Everything that looks from the beginning of an octave as the highest goal – when reached -becomes the starting level of the next octave.

    The astrological realms work in couples, and the Gate is opposing and completing the realm of the Key and the developmental pathway that goes with it. The two together tell of the never ending seesaw of searching and finding, completing something and finding a new quest and not settling with the answers we have – but always seeking for the next level.

    People who were born between November 15th and December 16th are part of the clan of the Gate, and this clan, through its development can ensure that the state of planet Earth itself is not arrested – but always seeking for the next evolution, next pulse, the future. They can do so by learning the lesson of always continuing the journey, never stopping, and always seeing the ending point as a brand new beginning.

    This is also the lesson we can all undertake these days, in the month of the Gate.


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