• Taurus – the Bull

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    Sign: Taurus – the Bull

    Element: Earth

    Feature: Fixed (neutral)

    Ruler planet: Venus – goddess of beauty and love

    Number: 2 = duality, harmony

    Tarot Card: the priestess = the secret of femininity, the magic is inside you

    Stone: Rose Quartz = (pink) stone of love

    Colors: pink, red

    Area of the body: Neck


    The Archetype of the Taurus anchors steadiness, stability and persistence. These qualities are coming from its earth element, the most physical and practical element that deals with the day to day material realms. As the fixed earth sign the Taurus archetype is to do with the physical of all: our body, our house, our possessing and money.


    Taurus people are also careful, family-oriented and sensitive – and that is to do with their ruler-planet Venus.


    Like the animal that represents them, the bull, they are not afraid of hard work – if it for a good cause. Usually they fulfill their aims because they’re not backing off because of a struggle or an obstacle. They will continue going on until they will reach their goals.


    Taurus people will make any effort to reach security and comfort: they will travel to the end of the world to get to a good restaurant, march through desserts to see a spectacular view or work a life time to build the house of their dreams.


    Taurus people are very persistent and stable. They do not like changes. They are loyal and accountable. You can always trust them.


    Taurus babies have a steady schedule of feeding and sleeping. Taurus kids will love their time at home and will be close to their family. It is important to give them quiet time alone at home when they need it.


    Taurus men usually have a good sense for business and Taurus ladies will know how to organize their house and office. Most Taurus women will be loving, caring and worm mothers and have a natural beauty.


    (Picture: Taurus card from the Holistic Astrological Card deck by Karni Zor)


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