• Take in a Deep Breath –  and Relax…

    Posted on October 26, 2014 by in Astrological Forecasts

    We now can take a deep breath in and feel much more relaxed –

    The eclipse season has ended and so has Mercury’s retrogression.

    The results of the celestial roller cycle was seen and felt world-wide with many crazy events, but now after a rough couple of weeks the skies are “back to normal”,  and life goes back to  routine (if there is such a thing in the 21st century…)

    The Sun is now travelling in the realm of Creation, reminding us that the power to create our world is ours, and that everything begins in our head. What we think, can eventually create our reality.

    To ensure we have the right thoughts,  Mercury (which is now on its regular course, and NOT retrograding) is in conjunction to the True Node – this conjunction allows us to change thought prints that are not serving us well, and replace them with a better, more positive way of thinking.

    Venus is in conjunction to the Sun allowing more beauty, harmony and love to enter our life.

    And Mars is travelling the Realm of the Dolphin – allowing us freedom to do what we want, in the fashion we want.


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