• Super Blue Blood Moon – a Rare Lunar Eclipse on January 31st

    Posted on January 28, 2018 by in Astrological Forecasts

    Once every 150 year, three different lunar occasions happen simultaneously – and this is going to happen on January 31st. The lunar eclipse (Blood Moon) is going to be a Super Moon (meaning the largest this year) and a Blue Moon (meaning the second full moon of the calendar month).

    What do these three happenings mean, and how they will affect us all together?

    A Lunar Eclipse happens every half a year, when there is a perfect alignment between Earth, the Moon and the Sun. This alignment creates “the eclipse season” and during that time at least two eclipses occur. This year we have the lunar eclipse of January 31st, and a solar eclipse due on February 15th.

    The coming lunar eclipse will be a full one (not all eclipses are full), but it will be over an area which is mainly unpopulated – the Pacific Ocean, the North Pole, Alaska and north Russia. Nevertheless it will be fully seen in parts of Australia, New Zealand, China and Japan. Over India and parts of the USA, a partial eclipse will be seen, which is still very recommended to look at, if weather allows.

    A Super Moon is the biggest moon yet of that specific year. From time to time the Moon, in its changing orbit, reaches a point when it’s closest to Earth. At that time it seems much bigger than usual to the eye, and indeed, due to the closeness,  the surface of the moon that reflects back the Sun’s light is larger. During the night of the Super Moon the Moon is magnificently big and bright, beautiful to look at, and the skies are lit up by the Moon’s reflection of the Sun’s light.

    As I wrote, a Blue Moon is the “biggest moon yet” and this means that there can be a sequence of “blue moons”, as each time the moon  gets  closer to Earth. The current blue moon is the third and last blue moon in a row. The first  was in December, the second at the beginning of this month (January), and after the one onJanuary 31st, the moon will start to seem to us again smaller and smaller each month, as it gets further away from Earth.

    A Blue Moon is the second full moon in the same calender month. It has no astrological affect, but only a very dramatic name. And although we think that a Blue Moon happens rarely (once in a blue moon), 2018 will have two blue moons in it, as the second will be at the end of March.

    This year the Super Blue Blood Moon also happens exactly on Tu Bishvat – a Jewish Holiday which celebrates the essence of life of Nature.

    The Astrological Influence of the Super Blue Blood Moon

    A full Moon is a very powerful thing. The Moon is a huge magnet in the skies, and as it pulls all the waters up and down with it, causing the tides, the essence of life of nature, humans included, are all really affected by the full moon. Herbs should be picked on full moon nights because this is the time their essence is really drawn from the earth up to the plant or flower. Trees come to life at full moons. And we know how it affects animals, and especially dogs and wolves which are drawn to howl at the full moon. Humans are also highly affected by full moons, and hence phrases like “lunatic” (driven mad by the moon) and Luna Park (which is meant to drive you crazy, stimulate your senses to extreme, and make you super excited). Natural holidays (pagan) were mainly celebrated on full moon nights, and most of the Jewish holidays to this day are celebrated at full Moon, as it is known that the full moon brings forth and pulls out the natural flavor of that specific  time of year. And we know the stories of werewolves, taking their animal form in full moons, stories that tell us about the Moon’s power to draw from the human the more animal and instinctive parts of us. Super Moons indeed magnify the natural affect of the Moon. So our emotional reactions during super moons are extreme, and our animal and instinctive lives, really come forth and take over.

    When the Moon is eclipsed, for a few hours we do not see the sunlight reflecting from it. The Sun in astrology represents our logical  parts, our aware parts, and our grown-up human side that is usually taking control over the child-like instinctive and natural reactions of the Moon part in us. The eclipsed moon really adds to the phenomena of nature taking over, with no inhibitions or plans.

    The Super Blue Blood Moon of January 31st is already starting to affect us. This can be a magnificent time of nature awakening.. It is a good time to be in touch with trees, planets and water sources – as they are more alive than ever these days. Our natural instincts are also very vivid and taking over these days, and this can be a beautiful celebration, as long as we make sure we do not allow ourselves to go totally crazy (lunatic) and we do not fall below standards.


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