• Spirals, Distant Galaxies and the Structure of the Universe.

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    We know our earth does not stand steady in space. It is always revolving around the Sun. But do we really understand that the Sun is not steady as well? It is also on a course, revolving around something else…

    And that “something else” is probably also revolving around something, and so on and so on…

    And these never-ending spirals are a part of something bigger, a wider structure that we might not be aware of and for sure know very little about!

    We do know that our Sun is part of the Milky Way galaxy that houses many many solar systems, in which each sun gathers around it some planets.

    If you look at each solar system or a bunch of solar systems – it will look random or chaotic, but as we look at the structure from a distance – it all begins to make sense, as things, seen from a distance create a harmonious, ever moving and evolving spiral.

    Did we ever stop and ask ourselves what causes these spirals and this ever-expanding movement?

    I started looking for spirals in nature in order to understand more about them and what creates them in order to better understand the structure of the universe.


    It turns out that spirals are to be found not only in far away galaxies and in the macro structure of nature, but also Spirals appear in nature all around us – in the way a snail’s shell evolves, the pattern of a sunflower, the way our hair grows, our D.N.A and much much more…

    And I also realized that as water goes down the drain it also goes down in spiral form.

    So I found myself reading an article that describes the “siphon Effect”. And after learning a bit about this syndrome  a big light bulb lit up above my head, a amazing and funny “Eureka moment!”

    I said to myself: “Ah! Our Universe is just like a big sewage system!!” And of course this kind of strange statement needs some explanation…

    Water goes down the drain in a spiral form because this is nature’s way of enabling the passage of a large amount of matter through a small hole into a lower place.

    But if one would look at what is happening on the other side, on the side the matter goes into – one will find that there’s another spiral down there. The entrance spiral gets thinner and thinner going down, and the spiral of matter arriving is an expanding spiral.

    Looking at the galactic spirals one has to ponder – if they are expanding, then… where is the matter arriving FROM?

    Looking closer we will find out that even the movement of the planets around our own (or any, for that matter) Sun, is actually spiral.

    So, philosophically, we can say that the Suns, or the center of each spiral galaxy, are points of entrance of matter. But then again – where from???

    This conundrum also might suggest that our Universe is much more complex than we previously thought. Could it be that what we see, or the part of the Universe we perceive is just a two dimensional picture, flat and partial, and actually every Sun and every galaxy are connected to a “higher floor” from which matter flows into what we perceive as our Universe?

    A good analogy for this would be that of a sand-clock, in which we only see one side in which the particles arrive to. But somewhere, up towards the ray of creation, there is a vaster, more whole, structure from which the matter comes . And this could go on infinitely as that matter has to come from somewhere as well…

    So – my suggestion is that matter is arriving to our universe from different “key holes” that are not visible to us because they come from a higher octave or another dimension if you will.

    And maybe this is not a new concept after all?

    One can actually see the pyramids of Egypt and America, or the Ziggurats of Mesopotamia as a manifestation of this belief. Their half sand-clock form symbolizes where the matter of the universe comes from.

    The Kabala (The Jewish ancient esoteric wisdom) perceives the universe as spheres upon spheres of matter pouring in from higher to lower, sending matter down the ray of creation from the very pure and spiritual realms and into our own.

    But the ancient symbols do not only talk about matter “going down the drain”. They also talk about the opposite journey of mankind’s spiritual journey back up to the source of all matter.

    Jacob’s ladder is another manifestation of this universal law of things coming from a higher source and also wanting to find their way back.

    This perception of matter coming into the known universe from higher dimensions, and people’s journey to transcend back to their source, and this beautiful universal siphon effect, is one of the pillars of the New Astrology…


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