• Special Star-Gate during November 3rd’s Solar Eclipse

    Posted on October 30, 2013 by in Astrological Forecasts

    I was amazed to see this Sunday’s astrological chart. At the time of the Solar Eclipse almost all of the planets in our solar system join together in a perfect harmony that looks like… well – you’ll be the judge of it – a special celestial gateway in the skies!

    After a long time of disharmony between the different planets – seen in the skies and felt in our lives, this Sunday almost all the planets join in a rare harmony.

    Many planets are in conjunction in the realm of “The Creation” (Libra constellation): The Sun and Moon – creating the solar eclipse; Mercury – in its retrogression; and Saturn, the celestial door-keeper. They all meet in that special point of the True Node – the point of the eclipses that tells about our soul’s break-throughs during this life time.

    But not only that – this bunch of planets create harmonious lines with another 6(!) planets. So actually, apart from Venus, all of the planets in our solar system are involved in this unique and rare formation!

    In this joint harmony we can find Uranus – planet of innovation, Neptune – planet of inspiration, Jupiter – planet of luck, Mars – planet of doing and Pluto – which enables us the major breakthroughs in our lives.

    So – it is a time of “everything is possible!”.  Opposing powers such as intuition and practicality are joining forces successfully. New things can be born into the world and great healings occur – both in our conscious and subconscious parts!

    And look at this special formation seen in the chart of November 3rd attached here – Doesn’t it look like all the planets are pointing us to the heavenly gate opening at the time of the eclipse?


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