• Some Order in the Astrological Chaos

    Posted on May 1, 2016 by in Astrological Forecasts

    planetsMany things are happening, as always, in the skies, making us dance like marionettes to their tune – if we let it. So let’s make  some order in the many events and see how they affect our lives, and how we can use this time for personal development instead of being set adrift  by them. .


    Mars’ Retrogression April 17 till June 29

    Mars is in a unique retrogression these days, about  which I have written in length in these four articles:

    Mars’ Retrogression

    The Special Journey of Mars

    Mars’ Retrograde – Find New Ways of Doing Things

    And – How to View Mars’ Retrogression in the Skies


    Everybody asks me these days if the retrogression is going to be so “awful” till the end of June, and the answer is “NO”. At the beginning of the retrogression Mars was in conjunction with Antares – his ultimate mythological rival and the major star of Scorpio (Anti-Ares), but as we speak (or write/read) Mars is drifting away from Antares, moving more to the East every night, and by that the polarity between the two weakens and Mars’ affect softens a bit.

    And anyhow – we need to remember that every retrogression offers in it an opportunity for development. In this case – as Mars – the planet which is the conduit of how we do things – retrogrades – it actually gives us the opportunity to step  out of our old patterns and habits and to actually do things differently. So whenever things go wrong, or the amount of stress accumulates (things Mars’ retrogression tends to do) remember – do things differently and you’ll get out of Mars’ grip.


    Mercury Retrograde April 28 – May 22

    Not only Mars retrogrades these days, but also Mercury does, as well. Actually, to be honest, Jupiter and Saturn retrograde as well, but their affect upon us is lighter because these distant planets tend to retrograde about half a year and go directly the other half, so that their retrogression is something that we’re quite familiar with and  doesn’t bother us as much as the closer planets’  retrogressions.

    In short – Mercury’s retrogression tells us to be careful with what we say and the way we manage things. It’s a time to take into account that things that usually go fast – will go slow. The way to approach Mercury’s retrogression is with a sense of humor and lots of patience. But it too can be a great opportunity for development – and you can read more about it here – How Mercury’s Retro Helps Our Personal Development.


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