• Solar Eclipse – September 1st

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    We are in the special time of year when the Sun conjuncts the True Node.  The Moon, the Earth, and the Sun are in alignment and then an eclipse occurs.

    The Moon and the Sun are the two great lights of the skies, the two eyes of Horus, the Ying and Yang. They are two huge astrological symbols and influences.

    At the time the Moon conjuncts to the Sun and covers it – two areas of life that should be separated – get to mix:

    The conscious and subconscious, the inner grown-up and inner-child, the masculine and feminine, the tangible and the spiritual…

    This is a very special time; A waking-dream-time, a meeting place, a doorway for worlds to meet and engage.


    The most important thing for today to stick diligently to the path we chose for ourselves – for the Moon eclipsing the Sun means our subconscious may be trying to overcome our aware choices. This is a time we need to take care not to let our emotions, our inner-child and our lower aspects take hold of us, and not destroy what we have consciously built up during our lives.

    If we face the challenges of these times, and not let our old patterns take hold of us – we can set ourselves on the new path of the future – as we create in ourselves our developed character.



    Where and When can we See the Eclipse?

    This time the eclipse is an annular one, the moon  will cover 97% of the sun, leaving a thin ring of fire around it.

    At any time of the eclipse it is forbidden to look directly at the sun!! so you must have the right eye equipment in order to look at it.

    The eclipse will be visible from central Africa, Madagascar, south Indonesia, west Australia and the Atlantic and Indian oceans. The ones seeing the whole 97% eclipse will be those living on the line of Gabon-Madagascar (Gabon, Congo, Tanzania, Madagascar). Other will see a more partial eclipse.

    The eclipse will begin at 6:00 UTC and end at 15:00 UTC. Its peak will be at 12:00 UTC. 

    Astrological card to meditate upon during the eclipse, whether you can see it or not – the Dragon’d Head, from the Holistic Astrological Cards.



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