• Solar Eclipse – November 3rd!! What, Where and Its Effect Upon Us

    Posted on October 25, 2013 by in Astrological Forecasts

    A full Solar eclipse is due on Sunday November 3rd.  The eclipse will be visible from the west of the USA, the northern part of South America, the center of the Atlantic Ocean, Africa, and the south of Europe and Turkey. A partial eclipse will be seen from Israel, the eastern coast of the USA and south of the Ivory Coast.

    It is mostly important to know that looking directly at the Sun with the naked eye, even during eclipse time, is strictly forbidden and can cause permanent loss of eyesight.

    It is possible to view the eclipse through appropriate and professional eye-wear (not sun glasses!).


    What is a Solar Eclipse?

    Solar and Lunar Eclipses occur two times a year, close to each other, in known times that are called “the eclipse season”. Twice a year there is a perfect alignment between the Sun, the Moon and Earth.

    During that time, on a full moon night, the earth is exactly between the Sun and the Moon and Earth’s shadows covers (to some extent) the moon. This is a Lunar Eclipse.

    And exactly two weeks before or after the Lunar Eclipse, on the day of the new moon, as the Moon and the Sun conjunct – we’ll see the Moon covering the Sun – this will be the Solar Eclipse.

    As said before, an eclipse of some proportion is due twice a year, but a full eclipse is rare, and taking into account that it will occur each time above a different part of earth – a full eclipse occurrence where you live will happen about once every 20 years!


    Astrologically Speaking…

    The Solar Eclipse is the event of the two main and opposing astrological symbols colliding. Two opposite worlds conjunct.

    The Moon, that represents the imagination, intuition, childhood, past, our unaware parts, femininity and much more – is covering the Sun – which represents our logic, aims, the adult part of our being and our masculine part and our consciousness.

    It can be perfectly understood why people were afraid of this mysterious disappearance of the Sun in ancient times – being in a moment where logic and rules are not there!

    But if we’re up in our  development, and up for using the celestial events for advancing – we can see the bright side of this most special event –

    An event in which  imagination over-comes logic for a while,

    Our soft and feminine side taking control over our masculine ambition,

    And a time that the child inside of us overshadows the adult…


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