• Solar Eclipse – March 20th, The Equinox – March 21st

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    We are heading towards a very special Solar Eclipse that will occur on March 20th, just a day before the Equinox of March 21st.

    This is a time of two alignments going on at the same time –

    The first – THE EQUINOX – the planetary alignment of Earth that happens twice a year on its course around the Sun, at the point in which the hours of light and dark are equal, the turning point from Winter to Spring in the Northern hemisphere, and from Summer to Fall in the Southern hemisphere.

    And the second – A SOLAR ECLIPSE – which is an alignment between Earth, the Sun and the Moon. This is a more cosmic alignment, not subjective to Earth itself, but also involving its Father – The Sun, and its Baby – the Moon.

    The Eclipse is a special time when the Sun and Moon conjunct, that is – line up, and the Moon, the Earth, and the Sun are in a perfect alignment.

    This year it is 100 times more special because it happens at the very rare occasion of the Equinox – the combination of the Equinox and a full Eclipse is a very rare one – one that happens about once every 180 years. And for us – once in a lifetime!



    solar eclipse


    This eclipse is going to be a TOTAL SOLAR ECLIPSE.

    The lucky ones to see the FULL total eclipse are those living in Norway or in the Faroe Islands. Most of the areas where the total eclipse will occur are unpopulated – near the North Pole and Alaska.

    But a fair portion of the eclipse will be seen all over Europe, in most parts of Northern Asia and in parts of the Middle East. In some parts of the Eastern coast of the US the eclipse will be seen as well – in a partial way.

    In the areas mentioned above,  between 90% to 40% percent of the Sun will be covered by the Moon – and this is a very significant and impressive eclipse! By the way – this is the last Total Eclipse to be seen from Europe till 2026!


    Here’s a map that shows where the eclipse can be seen and to what extent:


    The Solar Eclipse will begin on 7:41 UTC time and will end on 11:50 UTC time. Its climax will be between 9:45 TUC time.



    It is prohibited and extremely dangerous to look directly at the Sun, even during the eclipse. In order to view the eclipse you will need to use the appropriate tools – proper glasses for viewing eclipses (not sunglasses!) or welder’s protective glasses.

    (a picture of my own children and friends safely viewing the eclipse of 2013)



    The Moon and the Sun are the two great lights of the skies, the two eyes of Horus, the Ying and Yang. They are two huge astrological symbols and influences.

    At the time the Moon conjuncts to the Sun and covers it – two areas of life that are usually separated – can join: The conscious and subconscious; the inner grown-up and inner-child; the masculine and feminine, the tangible and the spiritual…

    This is a very special time; a waking-dream-time, a doorway for two worlds to meet and engage.

    This year the special union between the two polarities of the Moon and Sun occur near the Equinox – a time when the Earth is at its most balanced position on its journey round the Sun. The fact that “we” (meaning citizens of planet Earth) are balanced at this time allows this union of the two worlds to be even more affective. From this balanced place we can be in touch with the sublime.


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  1. Joån Herder says:

    So great to read this messages every week, especially looking forward to the Solar-eclipse on the 20th

  2. Ricky Rogier says:

    i like it very much thank you

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    Thank you for posting this it brings awareness and opportunity for personal connection. Thank you.