• September in the Skies

    Posted on August 31, 2014 by in Astrological Forecasts

    September begins with two planets changing places in the skies. Mercury and Venus are both moving into new astrological realms, so their affect upon us changes as well.

    Venus, planet of feelings, love and harmony, leaves the astrological Realm of  Giving – where she has spent the last few weeks, and which made us more emotional than usual. Venus is now entering the astrological Realm of the Swan – where it allows us more emotional balance.

    Mercury, conduit of thinking and communication, is just leaving the Realm of the Swan, to enter the astrological Realm of Creation. From there it will enable us, for the next month, to better handle our logistics, to be more efficient and to be good administraters.

    It seems that September, which is also the month of the Equinox, brings balance and calmness with it –  much needed in the world these days.

    Mercury and Venus are also available to see in the skies these days.

    Mercury makes a quick appearance just after sunset, in the area where the sun has just set, to the west. It is small and difficult to spot, and it sets disappears again about an hour after dusk. By this short appearance it reminds us of its “mercurian” nature – quick and untouchable, and also reminds us why Greeks say Mercury is the patron of thieves – being so allusive itself.

    Venus is now appearing in the morning, as the morning star, visible just an hour before dawn to the east, preceding the sun. Venus is very close to the sun and that is why it will always be near it – whether to its east – appearing at dawn, or to its west – appearing at dusk. Venus moves rapidly these days getting closer and closer to the sun, so the time to see it will be day by day closer to dawn, until soon, getting so close to the sun to being in conjunction to it, it will not be visible again to us. Later on, about a month and a half from now, Venus will appear again as the beautiful evening star we know and love.


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