• Saturn Saves the Day

    Posted on May 31, 2015 by in Astrological Forecasts

    SaturnUsually Saturn is known for its difficult effects in the astrological chart – it is the planet that makes things slower and heavier, confronting us with life lessons and obstacles. But these days – it turns out that Saturn saves the day!

    As we know – Mercury is retrograding, and will continue to do so till June 11th. During this retrogression Mercury is also in proximity to Mars – making little misunderstandings quite explosive. It is easy to take things wrong or be misunderstood, and it is even easier to act upon this confusion in quite a blunt and even violent way.

    Well – this is the situation according to the celestial chart, but the secret is that we were never supposed to be subjects of the planets’ effect upon us, and with some awareness and development we can ditch the traps that Mercury and Mars are presenting us these days.

    Easily said – but much more difficult to do, as Mars pushes us into action before logic is applied.

    The good news is that just as Mercury and Mars set in the evening, as the Sun sets (they are both in conjunction to the Sun these days), to the East rises Saturn, who is opposing the Sun, Mars and Mercury these days, thus providing us with another option.

    Saturn slows things down, including our reactions. It allows us now to take the needed time to cool down if necessary. Saturn reminds us of our principles and values and makes sure we will not go below them. Saturn allows us to take the less obvious, but more mature and responsible path.

    These days Saturn opposing the Sun acts of a mirror of awareness through which we can see our behavior and hopefully detect our automatic responses before we actually act upon them, and by that Saturn allows us to act in another way – which is of our own choosing and reflects our development, and not the control of the planets pressing our buttons.

    Or at least – it gives us the opportunity to do so. And the rest is up to us…