• Saturn, Mars and Antares at the Gate

    Posted on July 24, 2016 by in A New Astrology

    The evening skies are ornamented with dazzling stars, amongst them a few very bright planets that can be seen at dusk. The brightest and the west – is Jupiter, and the two others, with a reddish tone to them are Mars and Saturn. Mars is extremely big these days, and Saturn much smaller.

    Both Mars and Saturn reside in the astrological realm of The Gate, where the constellation of Scorpio can be seen. In the constellation of Scorpio another red celestial body awaits – Antares, Scorpio’s leading star. Soon all the three will conjunct (the star Antares and the two planets Mars and Saturn), but for now we can clearly see Saturn just above Antares  in a proximity that is called in astrology a “conjunction”, and Mars just a bit to the west of the Scorpio constellation (the picture below depicts Mars and Saturn in Scorpio these days).


    By the way – the way to differentiate between a star and a planet is that a star twinkles, whilst a planet has a constant radiation.

    Stars_Posters7In the astrological cards Saturn is depicted as a closed gate. Saturn is lord of Karma and it holds for us all these things, in the recent past or ancient past, that do not allow us to proceed further – and hence closes doors before us, till the lesson is learned and the path is cleared. A way to pass through Saturn is to clear things from the past.

    Antares – the leading star of the Scorpio constellation, which resides in the center of the Astrological Realm of the Gate, marks an interesting entry point through which we can unlock the gate in order to pass it. It offers a solution that will allow us to pass through closed gates – but another kind of solution than Saturn’s.

    Antares talks about pushing powerfully our way into the next octave. Antares’s way to pass through the gate is to create so much pressure upon the gate itself – it would be forced to open.

    The Gate – of course – is the passway to our next developmental stage. Saturn talks about a process of shedding the past and resolving past-issues in order to step into our next personal and spiritual stage, and Anters talks about a strong, indeclinable, desire and even a desperate need – that will force-open the gate into the next stage.

    Mars is also in the area – marking even a third option that will allow us to push ourselves into the next developmental stage, if so we choose.

    Mars’s way – naturally – is TO DO. And Mars talks about being so active in our current stage of development, that the next stage will have no choice but reveal itself to us. So if we constantly use the tools we already have, if we do the spiritual work, if we are very active in manifesting that which we want to see in us and in the world – then there will be no choice – and the next step will be revealed to us…

    So – the timing speaks of A GATE needed to be opened, and of three possible ways to open it in order to climb into our next evolutory step:

    1. Clearing the past
    2. Seeking the future
    3. Living the present fully

    Karni Zor's Gate astrological cardAny path we choose, whether the one we are more inclined to it, or the one that seems now to fit – can work.

    And the most wondrous part, due to the conjunction of the three celestial bodies and the three pathways, is that as we choose one pathway we might find out that in a miraculous way the two other pathways are accomplished without even trying to make an effort. For example – living our vocation fully (the third way, Mars’s way) might suddenly have the effect of cleaning many things from our past, without us even meaning to do so; or – taking time to clear issues from the past might create in us a strong call to meet the future and “get” the next steps of our journey – even if this wasn’t our intention.

    Whatever method we choose – the red triple conjunction in the Realm of the Gate talks about the high possibility of change and development opening before us these days, helping us move into the next phase of our own personal and spiritual development, as part of a greater evolution that is taking place.