• Saturn in Alignment to the Center of the Galaxy

    Posted on November 5, 2017 by in Astrological Forecasts


    If you look in the direction of the planet Saturn, which is clearly seen  these days, you are also looking in the direction of the center of our galaxy – the Milky Way. Just behind Saturn, and another 26,000 light years away – lies the great power that attracts all the stars visible to our naked eye to revolve around. 

    Such alignment between Saturn and the Center of the Milky Way is quite rare. It happens once every 30 years or so that Saturn points in the direction of the center of the galaxy. This alignment lasts for a few months. This time it started in February and will end right at the end of 2017, with a climax that will occur when the Sun will join this astrological conjunction at the Solstice/Christmas/New Year’s time. During these 10 months of alignment there were waves of higher and lesser influence due to Saturn’s movements towards and away from  the center of the Milky Way. We are now heading towards the very  end of this alignment, with all its potency and possibilities, and therefore we will want to have a closer look at this time’s cosmic opportunities and challenges. 

    The Roman god Saturn is the one who created order in a chaotic world. His Greek name is Chronos – lord of time. The planet Saturn is the most distant planet in our solar system still visible to the naked eye. It is surrounded by frozen rings. It is very big and has a very slow movement, as it circles the Sun every 29-30 years. Saturn talks about laws, rules and regulations. It talks about being true and precise; doing the right thing at the right time. Saturn is a very powerful astrological influence, and it will make sure one way or the other, that nothing wrong, or not fitting, will take place.

    The Center of the Galaxy is the huge power, not yet understood by science, which resides in the center of our galaxy – the Milky Way. Looking from Earth, this special location is permanently resident at the Realm of Flexibility (Sagittarius constellation). The center of the galaxy is the focal point around which all the solar systems, stars and celestial bodies of the Milky Way revolve ; the Greater Sun if you will. Astrologically speaking the Center of the Galaxy marks the higher things a person’s life revolves around: something that has nothing to do with one’s personal vocation, but rather something that has to do with the greater, universal good.

    This unique alignment opens before us both personal and global doorways. This is a time to realign ourselves towards a higher, and non-personal good. This is a time to create a new order which is not based on personal whim, but is based upon  true and natural laws.

    On a global scale, as we can see, this is a time in which governments and laws are tested and checked. Regimes that are not natural and are not  in support of a higher good – are falling apart. There is a need for a new order. There is a need for a much more far-out and higher view. There is a need for a global consideration that  will go way beyond the local benefit.

    In our own life the same challenges influence us. With Saturn – lord of order and truth, in alignment to the center of the galaxy, we need to align ourselves towards a higher vocation. We need to start to take in consideration the higher good, and put it in-front of our own personal whims.

    This is a time of many mirrors, And a time of checking the reason behind our acts. This is a time when things that are not aligned to a higher truth – are falling apart. This is a time when changes happens as new templates are created and a new, better order, wants to be born.




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