• Saturn as a Loving Father

    Posted on January 9, 2014 by in Astrological Forecasts

    We mostly know Saturn as “the problematic planet”. The one that makes  things difficult and slow, the  planet that teaches us lessons and makes us confront locked doors. Saturn is the old lord of Karma, making sure that  things won’t be simple until the lesson is learned…

    But this week Saturn stands in harmony with most of the planets, outstanding as the only planet that brings easement and balance in a weekly chart in which most of the planets are in opposition.

    So this week we can see the positive sides of Saturn at play and instead of the gloomy old man, Saturn now becomes the loving father that teaches us patiently about the right way to do things.


    Father Saturn teaches us this week to take things slowly but surely;

    He teaches us how to work within a set timeframe, and about schedules, rules and regulations;

    He makes us realize that we actually work inside and as  part of a bigger picture and teaches us to be considerate of this bigger picture and the people taking part in it;

    He makes us more grown up,

    responsible and mature…


    So this week we will discover that slowing down, obeying rules and taking part in the bigger picture are the keys to opening Saturn’s Magic Gate.

    (Picture: Saturn card from the Holistic Astrological Cards by Karni Zor, illustrated by Maya Toby)


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