• Pluto, Mars and Uranus in a T-Square

    Posted on November 19, 2017 by in Astrological Forecasts

    To make it short – astrology loves triangles, and circles of-course, but anything square just doesn’t work well when the stars are involved… And this week there is a difficult astrological square (which is another word for “disharmony”) between three very masculine and difficult celestial bodies – Mars, Pluto and Uranus. This square might push us to our limits, but don’t worry – with some good advice we can overcome this difficult time…

    Each celestial body has its positive side, and its less fortunate side. When the planets are disharmonious to one another, they bring forth their darker sides. And so it happens that these days we are reminded that Mars is the Roman god of War, Pluto – master of the underworld, and Uranus – the crazy destroyer.

    Pluto and Uranus alone have already brought much destruction, since the two have created a disharmonious angle back in 2011, creating the Fukushima (Japan) tsunami and nuclear disaster. With Pluto, lord of the underworld, and Uranus the shocker, earthquakes  were just inevitable, and it was an earthquake back then that caused the Tsunami and its unfortunate consequences.. The square angle between these two very slow-moving planets came about and has withdrawn since then, and will continue to repeat in the next few years. The hardest “hit” was the first one (back in 2011), but from time to time another planet  gets into  the constellation, and a planet like Mars, , opposing Uranus and squaring Pluto these days,  really rattles the cages. We can see it and feel it all around us, with violence, wars, earthquakes and natural disasters.

    Now, there’s not much that we can do when it comes to natural disasters. But the celestial bodies affect not only world-wide events, but also our inner lives, and when it comes to that – there is much we can do. For however astrology may want to affect us – at the end of the day the choice of how to behave is ours, and ours alone.

    With this  combination of Pluto, Uranus and Mars – the violence and quakes are waiting on our doorstep. Not out there, but in the form of anger outbursts and very strange behaviors. But with some awareness, calmness and wise choices we can avoid that which is prone to happen. We can choose a different path.

    In our house when we see that things are starting to get heated, that a fight is in the air, we summon the children and tell them: “You see how so and so is getting angry now? And that a glass just fell and broke? This means that there is something in the air right now, and that we all need to pay attention in order not get even more heated, even more careless, even more angry… Let’s be careful!”

    And this is what is recommended to all of us grownups as well these days. If we see violence and disaster around us, if we start to feel the anger and stress, let’s stop for a minute and understand that something else wants to play out a drama through us these days, and let’s just not allow it !

    It is important more than ever these days, to be conscious and aware. To pause and look around, and to make different choices rather than the obvious ones which will lead us to the unfortunate places.


    This is the time, more than ever, to choose good over bad, slow over fast, caring over recklessness…

    And as we go on taking our time and making our brighter choices, being careful and mindful. We must also remember that people all around, governments and the planet itself, are now being affected by three very difficult celestial bodies…


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