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    Signs_Posters12Element: water

    Governing planets: Neptune, Jupiter

    Number: 12

    Tarot card: Prince of cups

    Higher Arkana: the Hanged Man (self sacrifice)

    Gems: Aquamarine, Amethyst

    Realms: emotions, empathy, intuition, imagination


    The Pisces is the 12th and last sign of the Zodiak and is considered to be the one most developed spiritually. The Kabala tells us that a person born in this sign have completed his/hers reincarnation cycle, a life in each sign, and are living their last lifetime, after gathering experience and knowledge by looking at the world through from the eyes of all 12 signs.


    Pisces people are affected by the water element which is to do with emotions and feelings. They are very sensitive and empathic. Their sensitivity does not end with perceiving their friend’s moods, but goes further to registering also the things the eyes does not see, things from the spiritual world. That is why they have a very strong intuition.


    There are two planets governing Pisces (and not one as most signs…): Jupiter and Neptune.


    Jupiter is planet of luck, success and expanding, also governing Sagittarius. Mythological Jupiter was the main god of the Olympus, father to most other gods.


    Neptune is the sea god in roman mythology. The sea (water, again…) in ancient world is considered to be a mysterious dimension, symbolizing the passage between earth (physical realms) and air (non physical). The planet Neptune is to do with inspiration, imagination and dreams. When in harmony with one’s birth map it allows connection to the spiritual worlds. When in disharmony it creates vagueness and confusion.


    Pisces are connected to literature, stories and spirituality. It would be a shame to put them in any job that requires precision or calculations. They are gentle and sensitive, and above all – loving and romantic.


    If your child is Pisces be prepares to tell him/her a lot of stories in order to help them develop their rich imagination. You could sing with them songs and hear about their dreams. You will also enjoy it very much when they give you plenty of love. let them be in their own special slow paste and do not rush them. Their brightness is probably held in the creativity realms, and not in mathematics…

    Picture: Pisces card from the Holistic Astrological Card deck by Karni Zor, illustrated by Maya Toby)



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