• The Sun in the Realm of Nobility

    Posted on September 2, 2017 by in A New Astrology, Astrological Forecasts, New Astrological Realms

    The Sun now travels the astrological Realm of Nobility, where it will stay till mid September.

    Each month, as it seems to us from Earth, it looks like the Sun is in another one of the 12 constellations. And shining from the different areas in space each area holds a unique frequency, so that the light coming to us from the Sun is of a different nature each month, affecting our lives in a unique way. Each month there is a perfect alignment between Earth, the Sun and one of the astrological realms. And this is when this specific constellation is not seen by us – in the evening, or in the early morning, due to its closeness to the Sun.

    In the realm of Nobility resides the majestic Leo constellation – one of the most visible, dominant and bright Zodiac constellations, but not when the Sun is there – this month the constellation of Leo will be absent from the skies – and in its absence – the most effective.

    The Astrological Realm of Nobility is ruled by the number 4. It is connected to the cosmic order, the natural laws that govern us and a higher cosmic order. It is connected to sticking to our principals, aiming to be of high quality and always in tune to the natural order of things. The journey of development that shines from this astrological realm is the path to becoming kings and queens – meaning – to become steady and honorable in a way that we can control our kingdom – which is our life – knowing what we allow to enter it and what we hold at bay.

    The realm of Nobility, and the month of the Sun radiating from it, teaches us to develop a steadiness that will allow us to stay calm and quiet, adhering to our high standards and principles, not letting life’s events shift us away from what we want to hold and to be: just as the swan stays calm during storms and turbulence. And this is the cosmic gift to us these days, as Earth, and its people, are  washed with this special cosmic opportunity of development.

    (Picture above from Karni Zor’s Holistic Astrological Cards)




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