• Ninth Planet ?

    Posted on January 24, 2016 by in Astrology Extra

    So we have to say a few words about the evidence that is  starting to gather about the existence of a 9th planet (at least) in our solar system.

    To think we know our solar system would be juvenile. Actually, a long time ago, before Copernicus’s time, people thought they knew the skies. They also thought that the Earth is at  the center of them and that the universe is fixed – without any new creations or movement.

    As we “grew” we started realizing many things: we realized that it is the Earth revolving around the Sun and  later on we realized that even the Sun revolves around the center of the galaxy. We also learned that the skies are alive – with super-nova explosions and births of new celestial bodies.

    We slowly discovered that our solar system has many other  further-away planets than even the Ancient Ones  knew about, with the discovery of Uranus in 1781, and later with the discovery of Neptune and Pluto – and now even more small celestial bodies exceeding Pluto.

    But the evidence for this new planet changes again the rules of the game and the way we perceive our universe – this time making our own solar system almost a 1000 times bigger than thought before. And this is huge!

    Because according to the calculations that predict a huge planet, on  the scale of Jupiter, at the out-skirts of our solar system – this newly discovered planet is so far out it would take it 15,000 years to revolve around the Sun.

    Neptune, which is the furthest planet (not counting Pluto and the other ex-Neptunian celestial bodies), takes 14 years to orbit the sun, and it is about 4 light hours away from the Sun. The new planet’s orbit is suggested to take 15,000 years to complete a cycle of the Sun. Can we even imagine this kind of distance?

    If this is so and there is a planet out there that is revolving the Sun but from such a distance, everything we thought of about our own solar system changes. Our solar system might be a 1000 times bigger than we know and what we know of it is only the tip of the  iceberg.

    planet-770360_640For further reading about the new planet x:


    But also to be fair – here’s a video from NASA pouring cold water over the theory about the new and distant plant:



    What do YOU think?

    Is our solar system 1000 bigger than we thought?


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