Posted on June 10, 2014 by in Astrology Extra

    how to use the astrological cardsWe are happy to announce the publication of Karni Zor’s new book – a fully illustrated guide to using the Holistic Astrological Cards.

    This 110 pages guide contains:

    *Guidelines and instructions for working with the cards – reading for yourself and others, healing and meditating with the cards.

    * Information about each card, together with a full-color illustration

    * 40 great affirmations to use while working with the cards

    * Over 130 subjects to meditate upon with the Holistic Astrological Cards.


    The new book is now available for sale on AMAZON.COM and here – on the site!

    Our Price:  21$ 


    For those who have not got the astrological cards yet – here’s the link to the Holistic Astrological Cards’ site.

    You can also view them on this little video:

    For orders of 10 books and more  – please contact astro.machon@gmail.com for our special price.


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