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    MarsMars has been  on Earth’s radar for quite a while now, as many space missions were sent to explore this intriguing little planet which is only a few light minutes away from us.

    Isn’t it interesting that the journeys to explore Mars are called “missions” and not explorations? As “missions” sits just right with this planet’s frequency – which is masculine, charging and conquering .

    It is also interesting that out of 40 Mars-missions – only 18 were successful. It seems that the God of War doesn’t make it easy for us to get near him…

    Out of all the planets of our solar system – Mars is the most similar to us. Not by its size. Size-wise Venus is closer to us. But Mars has almost the same tilt as planet Earth has, almost the same day length of Earth (the time it takes for the planet to rotate around its axis) and therefore – its seasons are quite similar to those of Earth, except for the fact that its seasons are twice as long as  ours – as Mars is two times as far away from the Sun than us, and its journey around the Sun is slower.

    Mars is also positioned on the habitable band of the solar system, just like us. And this means that in the past Mars could have held life, or that in the future it might be able to hold life – and this depends “only” on its atmosphere – which is now too thin to allow life. But it seems that this was not the case during its history and might yet change again in the future.

    Mars also has two icy poles, and recently there  was evidence discovered  that Mars held liquid water as well at a certain time – a fact that raises the plausibility of life on that planet at some point in the past.

    Mars might not have oxygen as we know it on its surface now – but it is abundant with iron – which also gives it  its distinctive red color. And as we know – iron chemically bands to it oxygen.


    Now – let’s pause a minute from the scientific survey – which is fascinating, and see that as we here on Earth give more and more attention to Mars and research it, and perhaps by that tap into its frequency – the level of violence here on Earth rises and rises…


    As we know, the situation in the world is not simple.  Rage, heat and hate in the world are rising up. There is an escalation of terror, violence and fear.

    It is interesting that Mars’s two sons – which the planet’s moons are now named after – are  Phobos and Deimos – which mean “fear” and “terror”. It seems we cannot tap into the militant frequency of Mars without incurring  these two consequences.


    Think about it – Mars is a generator and transmitter of red-energy and by putting our focus on it – it might put its focus on us as well…


    Unless… We do not let whatever is coming from Mars towards us, terrorize  and frighten us,

    because Mars is much more than the God of War, and even much more than just  an interesting planet in our solar neighborhood.

    Mars is a custodian of the power and motivation to do. It is the embodiment of strength and  forward movement. Mars is the embodiment of taking things out of ourselves and releasing them out into the world.

    Violence is just a part of what Mars is about, as Mars – as does every planet – represents a bar of frequency, with its lower side, and its higher one.

    So in the first level – connecting to Mars’s energy might raise the level of violence and fear in this world. But this is only if we allow the lower things from Mars to pour into us.

    And it is our “mission” – if we  choose to accept it – not to allow the “red” side of Mars  take control over us, but rather to connect to its higher possibilities – which are also open to us these days, more than ever.

    And not only that –

    By choosing in our lives practicality over terror, action instead of violence and higher goals instead of competition – we can send by our choices and little acts, something back to Mars that will help Mars itself to remember of its higher part, or even evolve to its higher options. And by that we might help, a bit, to bring more harmony to Earth.

    * Harmony, by the way, is the sister of Phobos and Deimos, daughter to Venus and Mars.



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