• Mercury on Steroids

    Posted on September 10, 2016 by in Astrological Forecasts

    Ok, usually I do not tend to take Mercury’ retrogressions too seriously. They occur every 4 months for about 3 weeks. Mercury tends to cause some funny mistakes, mess up our computers etc. – not much to talk about. With a bit of patience and developmental work these retrogressions can easily be dismissed.

    But this time Mercury is retrograding in conjunction to the True Node. The True Node is the point in the astrological chart that tells about our most important karmic lessons and of our soul’s breakthroughs. And this IS big!

    This special ultra-retrogression has a negative side to it, but also a positive one, as every astrological occurrence allows some more personal development.

    So – the negative side is that Mercury’s little deeds and mistakes are not little this time –  not at all! Little flops that at any other time would have a small affect – this time are bound to bare huge consequences. We will have to be doubly careful. Especially of what we say, and how we say it, and to whom… but we will also have to be careful in the way we drive and do business – as these are also areas Mercury is responsible for. And most importantly – we will have become more aware and selective of how we THINK.

    The positive side of this special retrogression is that everything that happens on the True Node is a doorway for change and breakthroughs. So through the difficulties and the need for attention these days – if we do the right thing instead if slipping into our automatic responses – we can start to create for ourselves new ways, and new paths. And these are huge breakthroughs – for this is the material transformations and development are made of.


    Mercury retrogrades between August 30 – September 21.

    And here are some of my favorite bloopers I have gathered for you, just for fun…




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