• Mercury Appears!

    Posted on October 3, 2013 by in Astrological Forecasts

    mercury - Karni Zor's astrological cardsThis week, after a few weeks of “absence” from the skies” we can once more see Mercury in the skies. This time the little, evasive, planet appears in the evening skies, taking its place near Venus and Saturn.

    Mercury, like the metal named after it, is a small planet, very quick and evasive, most of the time not seen because of its closeness to the sun. Sometime it is seen in the evening, some other times  just before dawn – and always for a very short time, either before sunrise or just after sunset.

    At this special time we can see Mercury showing itself in the evening – and the fact that it is shown in the skies says a lot about our lives… as is above – so it is below…

    Mercury, planet of thought and communication, traveling in the astrological realm of Creation puts  full emphasis on our ability to create with our thoughts.

    Thinking is in the main frame at these times. Not only do we realize that we create our world with our thoughts, but the closeness of Mercury to Saturn enables us now to get rid of unwanted thought patterns that limit us, thought patterns that we might have held onto from previous lives.

    Awareness of our thought patterns is always necessary, but now, when the power of  thought is so potent, we should pay even more attention to what we think about!

    (Picture: Mercury card from the Holistic Astrological Card Deck by Karni Zor)


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