• Mercury and its Very Special Retrogression, December 19 – January 8

    Posted on December 25, 2016 by in Astrological Forecasts

    mercuryUsually when we think of Mercury’s retrogression we think of funny spelling mistakes and computers breaking down.

    But actually Mercury’s retrogression time allows us to think over things and decisions that took place in the last 3 months, and also allows us to change old thinking patterns, replacing them with new and more updated ones.

    Mercury’s retrogression also allows us to redefine our circle of friends – moving away from people who are not fitting any more, and finding new friends who better resonate with whom we are today. This time Mercury’s retrogression is taking place between two very special components of the astrological chart.

    Mercury started its retrogression (on December 19th) in alignment to Pluto, and will end it in alignment to the Center of the Milky Way.

    Dwarf planet Pluto represents metamorphosis and changes that allow us to approach the unknown future. The Milky Way points to the higher, and non-personal, vocation.

    These two very  strong features of the chart talk of a non-conventional retrogression, in which the emphasis is going to be on changing thinking patterns and adopting new patterns that better fit our higher purpose of life. This is a special time of change, a change that starts from within and effects the way we think about things.


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