• Mars’ Retrogression – Opportunity for Development

    Posted on March 2, 2014 by in Astrological Forecasts

    Mars astrological cardOn March 1st, the red planet Mars, has started its retrogression period that will last till May 20th.

    The planet Mars is named after the Roman War God and is responsible for the way we do things, achieve things, go after our goals, and also quarrel.

    Mar’s job is to release the energy accumulated inside of us out into the world, but the question would be “How”: how will Mars release our energy? In a productive way? Or in a destructive one? And if it won’t release the energy – what will happen then?

    When Mars is in retrogression we are about to meet the lower side of the bar of its possibilities.

    This is a long period of time in which we are prone to anger, stress and quarrels and also a lack of energy (as Mars’ retrogression differently affects us according to each person’s personal astrological chart).

    World-wide this is a difficult time as well, as we can already see the level of aggression rising all around.


    It is important to know that Mars’ retrogression period is a special time, filled with good possibilities, as well as the misfortunate ones. This is a portal for development. A time to avoid, above all, the trap Mars is setting for us. This is the time to build up our character and not fall victim to the stress and anger.

    This is a time for doing, even if we feel the lack of energy.

    This is the time to stay calm and responsible, even if we feel the red energy of Mars burning in our blood.

    This is the time to cool down the hot system of Mars and not let our impulses take the lead, but stick to our humanity and life-principles.

    This is the time (as in every retrogression period) to develop above the planetary level into the higher, more refined possibilities of being.


    If we take this time to focus and not allow Mars’ bad side get  hold of us, the next retrogressions of Mars (occurring every two and a half years) will have much less of an affect on us.


    (Picture: Mars card from the Holistic Astrological Card Deck by Karni Zor. Illustrated by Maya Toby.


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