•  Mars opposes Saturn, Venus opposes Jupiter

    Posted on May 28, 2017 by in Astrological Forecasts

    Venus and Mars are two astrological opposites, representing the feminine and the masculine worlds. In  Roman mythology they were lovers. Jupiter and Saturn are also two astrological opposites, representing YES and NO, NEW and OLD, EXPANSION and LIMITATION, FREEDOM and CONSTRAINTS.  They were father and son in the Roman mythology.

    These days the two pairs of opposite frequencies are creating a special celestial configuration. Mars is in alignment with Saturn on  two sides of Earth, and Venus and Jupiter are also opposing one another on either side of Earth. The two lines drawn between the four planets cross each other in the shape of an X.

    Mars, Saturn, Venus, Jupiter

    Mars and Saturn joining forces together create a strong, powerful, solid and masculine frequency. Jupiter and Venus combining together create a very open and soft essence.

    It is most likely that not only in the skies, but also in life, we are going to see this week these two lines of operation: one path which is stiff and institutional, and the other softer and rounder. Because Jupiter and Saturn rule global events, most likely these two ways of handling things, two ways that may seem contradictory to one another, will appear not only in our daily personal lives, but also in global, political and financial affairs. And friction may appear between these two very different approaches.

    One way of handling things (the Mars-Saturn pathway) is the way of charging with full might and fighting the obstacles. The other way (Jupiter-Venus) is the way of being open to things, and finding the harmony within.

    A closer look will reveal that the two methods – the straight way and the round way, are actually not contradictory at all. Rather, these are two options now standing before us. And we may find each method appropriate for different circumstances. Two paths are now open before us, but not to choose between, and not to decide which is better. It is our job to stop and think before reacting to any problem, deciding which of the two ways available would be best fitting the situation. There is no good way, or bad way. Only two possible approaches, each with its benefits and limitations. Each appropriate for its time.

    One person might take one approach, while another person will find the other approach more suitable.. And this is fine. We ourselves might find ourselves choosing different approaches for each situation. We do not need to stick to one method. As long as we see that there are two legitimate ways to handle things, and as long as we check objectively which pathway will better suit the upcoming situation, as long as we understand that different people may choose different ways of operating – the two doorways will remain open to us, not contradicting one another.


    More important things to notice this week

    The opposition between Venus and Jupiter, whilst Jupiter is retrograding, stirs our emotions and exaggerates our reactions – we want to be mindful of that,  and not take our own emotions too seriously and definitely not reacting out of our negative feelings.

    Mars not only creates an alignment with Saturn, but also with the Center of the Milky Way. This is a huge thing, pointing out that these days we approach special karmic lessons to do with the way we DO THINGS, and our ability to ACCOMPLISH. This is the time to ask ourselves if what we DO is aligned to a higher purpose.



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