• Mars of Diamonds

    Posted on November 30, 2014 by in A New Astrology, Astrology and Development, New Astrological Realms

    diamondThis week Mars, planet of action and doing, is entering the astrological realm which I call “the Diamond”. From there Mars will teach us how to work hard and in a consistent manner towards what we want to create and see in our lives.

    The red planet Mars is one of the two closest planets to Earth, together with its Mythological partner – Venus (which is the other planet in our closest neighborhood).

    Mars’ course around the Sun takes two and a half years (while Earth’s course takes 365 days). For this reason it seems to us as though Mars moves from one astrological realm to another every two and a half months.

    During its voyage around the zodiac, Mars enables us to learn different perspectives and approaches towards DOING things.

    While travelling the realm of the Diamond Mars is teaching us the ability to repeatedly work towards what we want to achieve. It teaches us to be constant and enduring in our work and to DO what is needed for as long as needed to achieve our goals.



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