• Mars in the Realm of the Lake

    Posted on January 22, 2017 by in Astrological Forecasts, Astrology and Development

    MarsThis week Mars is entering a new Astrological Realm – the Realm of the Lake (constellation Pisces), where it will reside till the end of February.

    Mars is the red planet, one of our two closest celestial neighbors, named after the Roman god of war. Its location affects the way we DO things.

    Every two months or so, Mars travels to a different astrological realm. It completes a cycle of the whole Zodiac every two and a half years. In every realm Mars allows us an opportunity to do things in a different fashion. The location of Mars  has a unique affect on each of the 12 astrological clans. You can read about how Mars will affect you specifically in your elaborated weekly astrological forecast. In addition to the different affect on each tribe, the location of Mars will also generate a more general influence – as Mars washes from each realm and onto the whole world  a unique flavor of action.

    Mars in the Realm of the Lake has a global affect of showing us that we do not need to DO things on our own. This time is a special time in which we can learn to see what we do as a part of a great puzzle, in which much is done by many. This is the time to learn how to work in a team and see ourselves and what we do as a part of a grander whole.

    Mars in the Realm of the Lake teaches us more than just working together with other people. With the planet of action in the Realm that talks about a sense of oneness, Mars teaches us during this time that when we do things we actually have partners. Not physical ones. The good things we do are supported by a multitude of unseen friends and powers that are here to help us, in every step, in every big or little action we take. We can really see our work as part of  a greater whole during this time – as we realize that when we use Mars’ power to do the RIGHT kind of things – we are indeed part of  something greater.

    If we start to read between the lines we also realize that Mars enables us an opportunity to do things differently every once in a while. We actually have a cycle of action, connected to Mars’ journey in the Zodiac. Yes – we all have our born tendencies and our unique natal chart, but together with that we can develop and learn how to do things in different ways.

    If we start to monitor Mars’ cycle, we will also realize that there are times in which we are more active, and times in which we are less active.  There are times in which we prefer to work alone and times when we’d want to work in a team. Times in which we do much, and time in which we only manage to do little, times of more and less focus and so on. Knowing that can really help us better understand ourselves and our own cycles, to better plan our lives and be a bit less harsh upon ourselves and others.



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