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    Posted on June 12, 2016 by in Astrological Forecasts

    astrologyIf you have followed the early evening’s skies lately you might have seen bright red Mars moving more and more to the west every day in the constellation of Scorpio. And if you are not yet familiar with the night’s skies – go out and take a look! The bright red star that you can’t ignore is not a star at all – it’s a planet – planet Mars. These days it’s one of the two brightest celestial bodies in the evening’s skies, so if the weather allows it – you can’t miss it. Jupiter is the other one, a bit to the west. But Mars is recognizably red!

    Anyhow – Mars, in its retrogression, has now traveled so far to the west it has actually moved into a new constellation – Libra, which is in what I call “the Realm of Creation”.

    This shift means a lot concerning the way the rest of Mars’ retrogression will affect each and every one of us, and the opportunity for personal and spiritual development  opens before us, starting this week and till the end of June.



    How does Retrograding Mars act in the Realm of Creation?

    The Realm of Creation by Karni ZorFirst – the shift to a new sign is a huge relief!

    When Mars was in the constellation of Scorpio (from April 17th and till now) we met its toughest side. It was a very challenging time. Mars in Scorpio made us react from our bellies, made us very impulsive and extremely emotional.

    But now that Mars has moved to the Realm of Creation (constellation Libra) it doesn’t affect our emotions any more – but rather it affects our thoughts.


    As always – there’s a “plus” and a “minus” side to every planet’s retrogression. The “minus” would be the planet’s traps that await us, and the plus – the personal development that is possible during the retrogression time.


    The challenging side of retrograding Mars in the Realm of Creation, is that it will be quite impossible to control our bubbly thoughts for the next two weeks. We’re going to have all sorts of ideas, most of which contradict each other, as the God of War is turbulent in our heads. We might be so excited and confused that it would be hard to stay   focused or be able to make any decisions.

    But on the brighter side – the developmental work that can be done these days, and what we can gain – has to do with realizing the importance of our thoughts.

    Everything we see around us began with a thought, an idea or a spark. And in the same manner we have the ability to create actual things, beginning by thinking about them and then following the ideas on and into the actualization of our vision.

    These days the awareness as to the power of our thoughts will grow. The awareness on needing to focus our thoughts will increase. We might also realize we need to be responsible for our own thoughts.  And then, when we gain the focus we struggled for, we can begin a wondrous journey of getting more in more in touch with our ability to be real creators, starting with the simple first step of focusing our thoughts on something, and continuing with seeing our dreams become a reality.

    Not all at once, of-course, but these are great days for first steps.

    If we follow the developmental pathway that is available for us these days we will learn to overcome the chaos in our head. We might learn to focus our thoughts and make the right decisions that will be the building bricks of the future and the world we want to see.

    And remember – it all begins with our thoughts…


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