• Mars in Conjunction to Neptune  

    Posted on December 25, 2016 by in Astrological Forecasts

    neptuneMars, planet of action and doing, creates a perfect alignment these days with Neptune, planet of intuition, arts and spirituality. Mars can be clearly seen in the evening’s skies these days, quite close to bright Venus and more to the East than Venus. And Neptune, due to its distance from Earth, cannot be seen by the naked eye. But we can see in our mind’s eye that just behind Mars, and a good 4 light hours away (yes – that much!) there is the beautiful blue giant planet Neptune.

    This special alignment between the very two different -natured planets, allows the faculty of imagination and the faculty of actualizing join forces in these very special times. This is the time to create art works, to proceed with projects related to spirituality and to take actions that will make our dreams a reality. This is a very special time for artists – a time filled with inspiration and the ability to DO. But all of us can feel at this time that the distance between envisioning something and actualizing it – becomes closer.


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