• Mars in Alignment to the Center of the Milky Way

    Posted on September 25, 2016 by in Astrological Forecasts


    As we know, our solar system is part of a greater system of many solar systems, nebulas and other celestial bodies that together create a galaxy in which all  parts revolve around a greater center – the center of the Milky Way.

    The Ancient Ones thought that the Milky Way – this magnificent line in the skies, illuminated by the high condensation of stars – was a far away galaxy. But today we know that, although even as we   see the Milky Way in the skies, we are also a part of it, an organ of this magnificent white body.

    The white band of the Milky Way is seen in clear skies, with low light pollution, crossing the skies between the constellations Sagittarius and Gemini (which oppose each other). It is seen in the Northern Hemisphere as a stripe that goes from one end of the horizon, and then up to the north, where it runs through the Cassiopeia, and then down to the other horizon. (Directions as east and west are not mentioned here because they change as Earth rotates, so the way to locate the Milky Way is to look for it between Sagittarius, the Cassiopeia and Gemini, but every hour of the night its location moves, along with Earth’s rotation…)

    And  in the Southern Hemisphere it runs between these two Zodiac constellations (Gemini and Sagittarius) and to the South, passing through the Southern Triangle (Triangulum Australe), the Flying Fish constellation and more.

    The center of the Milky Way – the unexplained core around which the huge mass of solar systems revolve  – is located, as it is seen from Earth, exactly between the Scorpio constellation and the Sagittarius constellations (or between the Realm of the Gate and the Realm of Flexibility). Because of the enormity of the Milky Way and its very slow movement, to us it would seem to stand still, not changing location for millennia.

    From certain locations in the world, on clear nights with no light pollution – the center of the Milky Way can actually be seen as a big bright spot in the skies.

    In a person’s astrological chart the location of the Milky Way will tell of the higher vocation of that man or woman; that very high thing this person’s life revolves around; something that is not connected to personal gain or personal fulfillment, and not even the way this person touches the life of other people (for that there are other indicators in the chart). The center of the Milky Way will mark the very thing that person contributes to the timeless domains which are beyond our solar system, territories to do with   universal development – which is so much higher than us, yet we still have a big part to play in.

    From time to time a certain celestial body appears to be in alignment (conjunction) with the center of the Milky Way, activating for us that very high perception and function. These days the bright red planet Mars creates a perfect alignment with it.

    What this means is – first, that looking at the evening skies and seeing bright red Mars – we can actually remember that millions of light years away, but exactly at the direction Mars points to – is located the huge brilliant illuminated magnet which is the center of our Milky Way.

    It would also mean that these days the higher function of our life is very activated and prominent, that we may pay more attention to it, and also we must be very practical with that higher function we have – because, after all, it is Mars – planet of Projects and Action, that is in alignment to it…