• Mars Goes Direct

    Posted on July 3, 2016 by in Astrological Forecasts

    MarsAfter two and a half months of retrogression,  Mars is finally moving back to its direct course.

    The retrogression ended on June 30th, and the feeling of relaxation and much more well-being is already being felt.

    Mars’ retrogression made things very intense, and made the world an even  harsher place, but hopefully now that this red planet is moving  directly – we will have more peace and harmony.

    Whatever was stuck or difficult to accomplish during the last 2-3 months – can now move forward with ease. You can feel it – with things happening in an easier fashion, with doors that were closed and now are wide open and with quite an aggressive attitude that has changed into a more practical approach.

    This has to do with the two ends of the bar of the Martian affect – when retrograding, Mars inserted stress and anger, but when moving  directly – it allows us to go forward as well, with our plans and projects, to execute them  and see results.

    So in the coming few months we will experience Mars “making it up” for the time it was in the retrogression state, and things that went wrong during the retrogression period (which was from mid April and till now) can now be fixed and mended.


    In the skies we can easily view the huge and awe-inspiring red planet, currently in the constellation of Libra (the Realm of Creation), and we can slowly, from night to night, see it moving out of the Libra and into the constellation of Scorpio  within about two weeks time. Even if you think you don’t know your skies – just lift your eyes up to the stars (if the weather allows it) and look for the brightest light that does not twinkle, a star with a reddish tone to it.