• Mars enters the Realm of Creation – Power to our Thoughts

    Posted on February 8, 2014 by in Astrological Forecasts

    On February 6th Mars have entered a New Astrological Realm – the Realm of Creation.

    In its journey around the sun (which lasts almost double the time than Earth – about 2 years) Mars seems to travel in each astrological realm for about two and a half months.

    But this time Mars’ visit takes a totally different form and schedule because Mars will start its yearly retrogression soon. So actually Mars will start its journey in the realm of Creation today. Then on March 1st it will begin travelling backwards there, getting back to the previous realm, the Realm of Abundance, on March 25th, and then later on when it returns  to its regular course Mars will re-enter the Realm of Creation, ending its affair with this realm only at  September 4th.


    But for now, and until the retrogression begins (March 1st) we’ll get to meet the great and unique combination of Mars working its wonders through the Realm of Creation – which has a lot to do with the power of our thoughts.

    Mars in the Realm of Creation empowers our thoughts, and reminds us that any creation of ours actually begins with a thought.

    In the next 3 weeks (till Mars’ retrogression on March 1st) we will have many thoughts and ideas. We are going to be very innovative and creative. We will find the road between thought and action is shorter and that our thoughts have much more power and potency.

    Mars in the Realm of Creation will also encourage us to speak out our ideas and release our thoughts out into the world.

    This is the time to say what we want to say, use our thoughts and ideas wisely in order to actually do things in the world and lead the way.


    As Mars  starts its retrogression we will also meet the “darker” side of this combination (action+creation), but we’ll get to that later on in time…


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