• Mars Ends its Retrogression – May 20th

    Posted on May 14, 2014 by in Astrological Forecasts

    MarsOn March 20th, finally, after two and a half long and hard months, Mars ends its retrogression and goes back to travelling on a regular course – from East to West.

    This of course has to do with the way we perceive Mars’ travels looking at it from Earth – as long as Mars is concerned it always travels forward…

    Mars going forward will allow us to continue moving forward projects that were stuck for the last few months. It will allow better flow at work, more energy and vigour, and less anger and stress – IDEAL!

    But we do have to remember that Mars’ retrogression period was actually all about development. It allowed us to build a character that faces  challenges and wins them. It allowed us to work on patience and cultivate our handling of anger. It allowed us to take a little pause before taking things forward just the way they were – and this pause allows us, maybe, to make the necessary changes and adjustments for the continuance of our work in order for it to be more accurate and exact.

    If we have learned Mars’ lessons – we gain the “developmental points”,  and what we have learned and experienced will be for our use throughout life, dealing with hard work, with anger and fine-tuning our projects.

    And if we haven’t learned the lessons – its fine!  Mars will retrograde again about two and half years from now…


    (Picture: Mars card from the Holistic Astrological Card Deck by Karni Zor. Illustration: Maya Toby).


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