• Mars Conjuncts Pluto

    Posted on November 9, 2014 by in Astrological Forecasts

    Pluto by Karni ZorIn a unique conjunction that occurs once every two years or so – the mythological God of War, Mars, meets Pluto – Lord of the Underworld. And naturally this meeting can’t be that good…

    The conjunction of these two intense planets, that are also the two rulers of the Scorpio sign, provokes violence and rage. And the worst part is that these two powers are almost uncontrollable.

    We can see the violence graph in the world going up these last few months, but sadly with this conjunction we can only expect a further escalation.

    Mars make things hot and violent, and Pluto drags things to obsession, while it also raises things from the deep subconscious that can take control over us.


    So – what can we do about it?

    In these times it is important to remember that we DO have a big part in the way the astrological frequencies will take form as they enter earth.

    The astrological frequencies are just what they are – frequencies, influences. They are not good or bad, but they can take form in various ways, and that form has a lot to do with the people that receive them.

    When the red frequency of Mars, or the harsh frequency of Pluto, enters us – we are the ones that decide how to give them the stage. The frequencies might be strong, but humans are stronger – for we have the final choice of how to act.

    When these gushing and intense powers are playing upon us – we would very likely become angry and harsh, dragging ourselves and our surrounding down to Pluto’s dark domain, but we can make the choice of not heading towards Hell, and instead make the more difficult move, which will be to use the great powers of Mars and Pluto to actually do something creative and productive!

    With some awareness and effort – Mars’ energy can be navigated into action, instead of violence, and Pluto… oh, Pluto’s energy can just move mountains when it is taken in the positive direction!

    It is not going to be simple, but it can be done!

    Let’s try to remember that when our blood gets hot, and let’s try to find a great project to move forward when obsession, competition and control try to sneak in…

    And this is not all –  things do work in mysterious ways, and in the way we choose to make things different in our own private lives, if there are enough people doing that, or if we do it with the right kind of intention, we can eventually change the way the world will receive these energies in a more refined, and elevated way.


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