• Mars and Venus meet in the Skies

    Posted on October 1, 2017 by in Astrological Forecasts

    venus and marsOnce a year the heavenly couple, Venus and Mars, meets in the skies. This meeting takes place now and for a few weeks.

    These days we can see these two planets clearly in the morning skies. Venus is the bright Morning Star no one can miss to the east, just before dawn, and Mars is of a redder shade, smaller and dimmer, yet visible – very close to his lady.

    This unique meeting is not only beautiful to view, but it is also has a profound affect upon our lives.

    Venus and Mars are the two closest planets to Earth. Venus – bright and beautiful – from the side that is closer to the Sun, and Mars – red and cold – from the other side. Both are planets visible to the naked eye.

    Mythological Venus and Mars were an interesting couple. Venus, Goddess of Beauty and Love, was actually married to another God, but had a vivid affair with Mars – God of War. Venus represents women and feelings, while Mars represents men and action. The two opposites could not resist each other and were magnetized by a power bigger then both of them.

    From this affair Venus gave birth to a daughter and two sons. The daughter, Harmony, represents the beauty of opposites  joining together: feelings and actions, beauty and practicality. But the two sons, Phoebes and Daimyos (Fear and Horror), represent everything that can go wrong when emotions and actions mix.

    The meeting of the two planets this week will affect our lives. And as the children they bore, we have to choose between two opportunities that are available to us in these special times, when two polarities are at work together on us –

    We have to pay attention to our emotions, they can be very hot and aggressive these days. Sadly, we all can see the world-wide effects of negative emotions  manifested into action, man-made and geological. But this is not just something we see “out there” in the world. This effect has a grasp on us in our daily lives as well, as we can easily get heated and want to act out upon our anger, frustration or envy. Our job these days is to be able to cool ourselves down so that we do not give a home and a vehicle to these emotions.

    On the bright side of this unity – this is a wonderful doorway for love, as the masculine and feminine can find each other and unite.

    This is also a time in which we can be full of inspiration and passion and be very creative.

    If we learn to take part in the positive side of this unity and control its negative aspect, and if many people do this in a small way in their daily lives, we can be of help to Earth, creating a new option for handling Mars’s and Venus’s conjunction’s influence, and by that we can create a new possibility for other people to handle this incoming force in a more productive way.



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