• Mars and the Dragon

    Posted on July 6, 2014 by in Astrological Forecasts

    The Dragon's HeadFor many months Mars, the Red Planet and the mythological God of War, played a hazardous game in the skies. We have watched it retrograde and come back to the right course, and now it is about to make a special move as it will conjunct on July 13th with the North Node, just as it moves from the astrological realm of Abundance (constellation Virgo) to the astrological realm of Creation (constellation Libra).

    Mars, as we know, is the conduit that is responsible for our ability to do things; it enables us to aim and concur and holds our vigor.

    The True Node, also known as “the Dragon’s Head” is less known. This is actually not a celestial body, but a theoretical point that marks the place of perfect alignment between the moon, the sun and our planet – giving us the place and time of eclipses. In a person’s astrological chart the True Node will represent the soul’s-mission, or the karmic-endeavor of this life-time. This is a very important point that will show where a person needs to develop and make a break-through.

    Mars was moving towards the True node a few months ago, almost reaching it, but then it started retrograding, slipping away from this crucial point, only to come back to it now.

    A conjunction between Mars and the True Node occurs once every two and a half years, and the odds of that happening just as Mars shifts houses are very very rare.

    The lower effect of this conjunction is seen all around us as things heat up these days, people becoming aggressive and violent. There is a crucial lesson for all of us to learn these days about cultivating Mars’ belligerent power. As Mars and the True Node  meet there is a need to find a new way to take Mars’ energy and make it productive instead of destructive. But in order to find this way there are many lessons to be learned and much development needed to happen.

    At the higher end of the bar for this special meeting we are heading towards a special cosmic gate that will allow us to make major break-throughs to do with our ability to do, act and achieve our goals.

    We might find ourselves making some major moves and advancing in a way that was not possible for us till now – on the way learning and developing, and dissolving irrelevant prints from our past.

    The unique fact that this conjunction occurs just on the shift from Abundance to Creation helps to understand that our ability to achieve our goals has nothing to do with the logistics or practicalities of our mission, but actually resides in our mind-set about things.


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